50 KG

Ideal for large restaurants, laundry business, poultry farms, hotels, factories and other commercial establishments.

22 KG

Typically used in bakeries and small-medium restaurants/food outlets.

11 KG

The standard size for the average Filipino home.

5 KG

Lighter weight, lower priced alternative to our 11kg variant for smaller families.

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Superkalan Gaz operates its own Engineering & Technical Team, supporting the commercial markets in LPG piping , equipment installations, preventive maintenance and repairs. For inquiries, please call (02)8571-7771 or email @ techservices@bivmc.com.ph
Superkalan Gaz delivers Bulk LPG to large-scale commercial and industrial markets; such as Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Hotels, Malls, Resorts and Central Business District (CBD). For inquiries, please call (02)8571-7771 email @ lpg@bivmc.com.ph